Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday December 16 - Two flaneurs

In Canada the word "flaner" seems to have a negative connotation of "loitering with intent".  However, in France "flaner" means to wander around with no real goal in mind watching what is going on around you, enjoying the sights and going where your fancy takes you.
The rue de Levis was very, very busy this morning.
Engrossed in the music
Wanna buy a table?
Wanna buy a mattress?
The bakers were especially busy and all had long line ups.  Many people were walking around with baguettes with then end broken off - good to eat on the way home.  The butchers were doing a good trade in roast chicken and roast potatoes.  Pheasant, partridge and leg of deer were also available.  One butcher had a dead duck draped across the counter - with the feathers still on.

The man selling roasted chestnuts at the top of the stairs to the metro at Villiers was arrested yesterday.  It looks as if he was selling contraband cigarets as well.

We went to Gare Saint Lazare to admire the recently renovated concourse with its large illuminated Eiffel Tower - too big to photograph.  We were happy to see that the pile of clocks at the front has survived the work.
This whimsical piece has stood outside the Gare Saint Lazare for Many years now.  The pigeons love it - equally do the people.
Another oldie built in 1965-8
Another oldie built in 1965-8
Au Printemps and Galleries Lafayette are always fun at this time of year and the kids enjoy the viewing platforms.  However, the puppets were all the same this year and the displays were nothing special. There were fully armed soldiers patrolling the crowds.  Maybe they shoot pick pockets here.  It was noticeable that the roasted chestnut sellers with their shopping carts and braziers stood in the middle of the sidewalk where they created the most congestion - there were normally a couple of pick pockets close by waiting to take advantage of the confusion.
Au Printemps
Au Printemps
The art deco dome at Galleries Lafayette is always a wonder to behold.
In the gormet food section of Galleries Lafayette I found this Bells de Sancerre, a Loire Valley goat cheese which I have never seen before.

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