Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday 31 December - Montsouris Park and New Year's Eve

I took a look at Gare du Nord this morning while Mary and Pat went back to Le Bon Marche to get some housewares.
A bi-mode/bi-courante in TER colors in the Gare du Nord
These date back to the 1970s and have been displaced from the main line express routes such as Paris - Strasbourg but still do good work on the outer suburban trains

The Thalys TGVs have an attractive livery
Gare du Nord was pretty busy and security was tight.  A group of SNCF police took on a homeless woman who made a squat in the concourse.  They made her move on but also she had to pick up all her cardboard bits and pieces.  She was really lighting into one of the uniforms and giving him what for - to the amusement of the rest.

This afternoon we went to Parc Montsouris which is on the other side of town but easily accessible through RER line B to Cite Universitaire.

The waterfall is similar to those found in Square Batignolles.

The ponies were standing very quietly together waiting non-existent riders.  We speculated that some of them were asleep.
We had a special meal at Aux Isles Marquises which is where we have been for December 31 for many years.  We were greeted like old friends by Madame and her husband, the chef, came out specially to greet us.  The service was well paced and the food excellent.  We started with a bottle of champagne and switched to Saumur Champigny for the meat course.
Oyster in a jelly.  Quite unusual.
We tucked right in to the fois gras so quickly that we didn't think to take a picture
Rosace de homard
Whitefish with truffles and vegetables, including grosnes (at 9 o'clock)
Granite de champagne to clean the palate.
Chevreuil de venaison
Dessert - including a pastry with hazelnut mousse on right.
The Paris transport is free today from 1700 until midday tomorrow.  Getting across to the restaurant, although it was the other side of Montparnasse, was very easy.  The metro was crowded but not frantic and the crowds were subdued.  It was raining when we came back so that should damp down things on the Champs Elysees.  It was good to renew acquaintances at Aux Isles Marquises.
Happy New Year Everyone
Happy New Year Everyone

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  1. Nice to see a picture of the photographer! I am fascinated by waterfalls and this one is lovely. I think it's because things are so very FLAT around here that it takes a bit of a journey to find a waterfall.

    And those dear little ponies do look sleepy