Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday 21 December - The Fountains of Paris

For the inauguration of tramway T3b the City of Paris commissioned five water fountains from Pascale Marthine Tayou.  These have been placed on the sidewalks close to the Porte de Montreuil tram stop.  They are called "Poings (fists) d'eau") because the water spout is in the form of a casting of the artist's right arm and fist.  We went out and were able to find them although they were not all in the position shown by the City in their exhibition pamphlet.
Model E on the west side
Model A on the east side.  This one was the fourth we had found and we were looking for the last one when three schoolchildren came by and played around.  We asked if there was another one.  They said yes but they were too busy to show us where as they had to run across the street to catch the tram to school.

Model D on the west side.  Note a street person has erected a tent over a warm air vent from the subway.
Model C on the west side
Model B on the east side.  This was the last one we found.  A local lady passing by asked what it was so we had to go into great detail to tell her about it.  She had not noticed any before although they were erected in October.
One presses the button and water comes out of the clenched fist.  None of them were working when we saw them.

I decided to go on to Porte de Charenton to take a look at the TGV sidings that Denis Desmarais always talks about.  As usual they were chock a block with TGVs of all types, including a Postal Train.

The Yardmaster's job must be a busy one.
The world rail record holder was in - 574.8 km/h on 3 April 2007.  There is a special plate at each doorway emphasizing the speed record made by this train.
I have finally caught up with 17058 in Saint Lazare
I first saw 17058 entering Saint Lazare station in February 1974.


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