Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday 30 December - Le Train Bleu

I met Mary and Pat at the Gare de Lyon for lunch.  They had spent the morning at the Musee D'Orsay enjoying the exhibit of Impressionism and Fashion.  The restored interior is very attractive. I took a roundabout route via the Vanve market, Mouffetarde and the SNCF Gare de Bercy.
Porte de Vanves
A Wallace Fountain at Mouffetarde
The Gare de Bercy is very small - just four stub ended tracks.  The trains are not frequent.  This train has just arrived from Clermont Ferrand.

The Train Bleu cat was prowling around.  The waiter told us he was not a pet but an employee as there are lots of mice around and he is kept busy.
The food and the service were superb.  The waiter was friendly but busy but he was there when we needed him.

We started with poached organic egg on mushrooms in a sauce (Mary); Lyon sausage (Pat); hare in a canneloni shell with a rich spice (Colin)
For the plat there was duck shepherds pie (parmentier) with a rich sauce (Mary and Colin; Salmon (Pat)
The dessert was profiteroles (Pat); Mille feuille au citron (Mary); baba au rhum (Colin)
One and a half bottles of Cotes de Bourg.
The decor is extraordinary
We then made an abortive trip back to Sevres Babylon to find Le Bon Marche was closed than back to the apartment for a rest.

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