Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday 24 December - Christmas Eve

One of the most interesting stories offered by a beggar on the Metro.  "I need help because I have been in difficulty ever since I fell under a Metro train."   He had all his extremeties which is surprising.

Early this morning we went out to the stores to buy a meal for Christmas Eve (see later).  Everybody was in a good mood.  We had quite a long discussion at the Monoprix checkout counter with t he clerk and another couple about the use of whisky to improve a cup of tea.  The street was quite busy and I took a number of pictures to illustrate what is available on the rue de Levis.
Wine, butcher and baker next to each other.
Red berries
Italian delicatessen
Lobsters - there were live ones available as well.
Meat and poultry - both cooked and ready for the oven.

Cooked shrimp
Our Christmas Eve meal started with champagne:

Bloc de foie gras de canard avec figues

Salmon mousse in three colors
Salmon in aspic with potato salad on a coquille shell
Quail terrine en croute with a salad of olives, artichoke, sun dried tomatoes, boconcini cheese and arugula
From top left clockwise - Gruyere; Epoise; Langres; Camembert.
Buche de Noel was mainly mousse filled with cream.

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