Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday 14 June - Sightseeing in Copenhagen

In the coffee shop at breakfast.
The station has a high wooden roofed concourse which is very attractive.  The exterior is in a pleasant brick.

 Cyclists are everywhere and some of the women cyclists are in high heels.

Copenhagen has a great number of pastry shops and the streets are streets filled with good smells.
The signs above the shops are many and varied.
This seems to be commonly used by pastry shops
The space has been taken over by a massage parlor but they have kept the locksmith's sign.
The cathedral was very peaceful and the organist was practicing.
Several men were acting as human signposts.  They stand on a street corner holding a sign pointing to a restaurant.

Buses fly two national flags like in Bordeaux.
 We visited the Royal Copenhagen shop where there were coffee cups selling for over $100.

The  Canal (anal) tour was pretty interesting - we were given a canaloscopy).  There were two school parties but the kids were extremely well behaved.  A kid with his mother was eating a croissant in a great shower of crumbs.
It was explained that one of the naval vessels accidentally fired off a missile which destroyed four cottages and damaged 130.  It was known as the "whoopsie missile".
After the canal cruise we made our way to the Little Mermaid, stopping off at a Sand Structure exhibit and the Royal Palace.

The Anglican church is made with flints using Swedish stone.  Several jackdaws were foraging around the trash bin.
This is the icon of Copenhagen.  There were a lot of tourists there but it was easy to take a picture without getting anyone else in.
Returning on the S-tog was complicated by the fact that four ticket machines were out of order at the Osterport station while one of the trains doors was locked out of order.  A cardinal sin in my safety book.
The S-tog at Osterport

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