Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday 29 June - Oslo in the rain

The forecast was for rain all day getting heavier in the afternoon.  This was why we crammed so much into yesterday when it was sunny.
In the station square - the lions tail makes a good seat.
We went first to the botanical gardens to see what we could before the weather closed in.  The cloudy conditions meant that the colours of some of the flowers really stood out.

The Munch Museum was close by so we ducked in there.
This is one of Munch's most well known paintings.  The scream.
We took the T bane (subway) back into town and decided to split up.  Mary enjoyed the National Gallery which was well laid out, while I rode some trams.  The operation is very laid back and my return into the station was suddenly diverted so I had to walk three or four blocks in the rain.

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