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Monday 25 June - Stockholm History Museum and an Orgy of Tram Riding

It rained like hell this morning then just heavily this afternoon.  We decided a visit to the History Museum would fill the time.  We spent a lot of time there.  It was moderately interesting but it didn't bring the subject to life like some of the other museums we visited.  How many sets of human bones, decorated alters, hoards of coins, old bits of clothing etc., do you really need to see to get the idea of archaeological excavation?
A railway Pandrol clip is an unusual exhibit in a history museum
A female George killing the dragon
Early in the afternoon, the rain looked like it was going to let up a little and I decided to travel on the rest of the Stockholm tram system.  We had several clips left on our 16 coupon ticket (two coupons per ride per person) but as it turned out I only used four (clips) because the system is so efficient.

I caught the tram from near the museum to the Centralen.  I had to wait over ten minutes for the T bana out to Aflik where I changed to the Nockebybana right through to Nockeby.  This is an old tramway that survived the changeover from left to right hand running on the roads in 1967.  The line was originally set up for left hand running but was changed over at some time but there is still a vestige of the old system at Aflik where the tram starts off left hand running and there is a crossover to right hand running just before the first station at Alleparken.  The line is on a private right of way and seemed to be fully signalled although there are several protected crossings.  The area is pleasantly wooded residential with single family homes.
Nockebybana tram at Nockeby
When I got back on at Nockeby I had 2 minutes left on my first pass but the lady conductor didn't give me another punch.  This was left until I had returned to Aflik and got on a Tvarbana tram towards Sickla udde.
Tvarbanan tram at Aflik
These trams are identical to the Nockeby ones (they are interchangeable) except they were running in multiple.  The two car articulated units and are quite new.  The Tvarbanan line is different from Nockeby.  It has a number of substantial tunnels which are presumably former railway tunnels, some street running as well as some private reservation.  It has obviously been cobbled together from several existing railway lines with some new construction in between.  It runs through an area of much higher density population and there is some industry.  This line is part of a belt-type railway which makes connection with four Metro lines.  The connections are quick and easy.  There are several other locations where buses pull up to the other side of the platform for quick connections.

I went right through to the end of the line at Sickla udde then returned to Gullmarsplan where I caught the T bana back into town.  A very efficient system which is very well used.  In the end I only used two trips on my Clipcard.

We were going up on the elevator later that evening.   It stopped at one and revealed three old ladies.  The first waited until the doors started to close then came on and was hit by the door.  She fell inside and the doors opened.  The second waited until the doors were closing again and came in.  She, too, was smacked by the doors and fell inside.  The third made it in unscathed.  They then found out that we were going up - they wanted to go down. 

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