Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday June 18 Odense Visit to Den Fynske Landsby Historic Village

It was bright this morning after the heavy rain of last night.  We went first to photograph the Hans Christian Andersen walk/don't walk signs in the HCA area of town then set out to walk to the Den Fynske Landsby historic village - about 4 km.
The walk is along a well posted path which follows closely the Odense river.  The part in town is very well maintained with formal gardens and the whole is extremely well used both by people and wild life.
There were lots of ducks, mainly mallards but also tufted, and a family of swans with several cygnets hiding in the tall weeds.  As we came close to the village we made a deviation to get a drink at a small thatched inn and checked out the train schedules back to town at the small station of Fruens Boge.

The village contains a  number of old buildings, mainly farms, that were brought in from all over the island and placed here.  It is strong on demonstrating how people lived in earlier times but does not cover very well the local crafts and industries.  Maybe there are more demonstrations at weekends and in the height of the season.
Farmyard with an old wagon with some detailed carved scroll work.

The geese provided a lot of entertainment although they didn't let anyone get too close.

The vicarage garden was very large and beautifully done. 
A brickworks with a vertical kiln.

An alms house built unusually out of granite because it would be more durable and less likely to burn.

A smithy.  It would have been interesting to see it in action.

The village is well maintained and we were pleased that the signs were in English as well as Danish.  They were very informative and very clear - there was a sign for each type of crop explaining how it had developed and how it was used.  We walked back to the station and caught the train back to Odense.  There are at least two trains an hour and it took just over 5 minutes.
Trains meet at Fruens Boge on this single track line.
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