Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday 18 December - Square Batignole, Parc Monceau and Mission Impossible

We decided to have an easier day today to help get over jet lag.  I went out to Levis this morning to get supper.  The whole street was really busy as most places close around 1300.  There were big lines, especially for baguettes.  I had to wait a little while to get a rotisserie chicken and some roast potatoes and then had to line up for a baguette.  With some tomatoes and an endive this made an excellent meal.  Cherries are very good and I was given one to taste while the server wrapped up my purchases.
The Sunday carpet seller used to drape his wares over a Volkswagen Beetle but now he has a more prestigious locale to display his goods.
In the past a Volkswagen was covered in carpets

It was bright and sunny but pretty cold but we decided to go out for a walk.  Crossing the eleven track main line into Gare St. Lazare it was evident that it was Sunday - only one train went by while we were on the bridge.  The free roundabout was in full swing at Batignoles and the kids were having a great time.  The Park was green and pleasant and the water birds seemed to be thriving.

We came out at the Cardinet exit and walked back over the railway, now a twelve track main line.  Monceau is quite a contrast to working class Batignoles.  There is a permanent roundabout here but the kids have to pay 2 euros a ride.

The new Mission Impossible movie has just opened and we went to see it at Place de Clichy, about 20 minutes walk along Rue des Dames then Avenue de Clichy.  It had started raining and the lights at Place de Clichy were very gay.  We have learned that on many Hollywood first run movies you can see the VF (version francais) or VO (version originale).  The VO is in English with French subtitles.  It was a bit confusing, however, when the sound is Russian and the subtitle is French.  Lots of fun with a fairly predictable ending.

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