Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday 19 December - Boulevard Haussmann

Shoppers, beggars with Santa hats,chestnut sellers and soldiers with automatic weapons.

Boulevard Haussemann is always crazy at Christmas with lots of tourists peering at the puppets in the windows of Printemps and Les Galleries Lafayettes.  It is always fun to go there and today the crowds were not so heavy as at some other times.  There were the usual collection of people trying to sell balloons and the air was punctuated with a wonderful aroma of roasting chestnuts.  As is normal in Paris, there were a number of soldiers with automatic weapons circulating through the crowd.

The food hall at Galleries Lafayette was amazing - here is a selection of spices.
A father brought a small kid to see Santa but he was scared stiff and cried his eyes out.  He wouldn't have made a good picture.
One of the many interesting items in the Food Court at Galleries Lafayette was a Tourte des Pyrenees with orange.  This was a dry cake, more of a coffee cake or hgalf way between a cake and a Ladyfinger.

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