Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday 16 December

Thanks to jet lag we both woke up late but managed to get over to the restaurant Aux Iles Marquises about 1215.  We were glad to see that they had not taken retirement and we were greeted like old friends.  We had a good lunch and made reservations for New Years Eve when they always have a very special menu.
Today we had:
Saumon cru marinaded in a light vinaigrette on a green salad/terrine of venison on a green salad
Dorade with eggplant/rognons in sherry (wonderful gravy)
With amuse gueules and mignardises as well as a glass of wine, this made an excellent lunch.
Rue Gaite is looking better than it has for many years.
The Champs Elysees is one of the nastier parts of Paris.
Not sure what Tartiflette Classique is - there was a mention of cheese but it could equally be a vat of scrambled egg or something really nasty.
We then made our way to the Champs Elysees only to find that the only places available for the Magic Flute were ones where you could only hear the music.  Not much use as we already have the music on iPod.  The next stop was the ticket office at the FNAC on the Champs Elysees where we picked up tickets for the concert in La Madeleine.  This was very quick and easy and people could not have been more friendly or helpful.

A short walk to the Arc de Triomphe and we took the metro back to Villiers where Mary went back to the apartment while I went on to Sentier to visit a model shop.  I stopped off at the Gare St. Lazare where the work on the entrance way is now complete but there is a lot of work being carried out in the grand ticket hall.  On the way back I picked up some wine and a ripe Camembert from AndrOuet.

The Square des Batignoles was closed early, presumably because of the high winds which could bring down tree branches.  Consequently there were a lot of baby sitters and young kids waiting around outside.  The workmen were assembling the free merry-go-round that the arrondisements provide at Christmas.

There is a shop on rue Legendre which specializes in products from the Auvergne.  It always looks very enticing and we bought a saucisse brioche and a chausson with rabbit and cepe.  Supper turned into a culinary adventure.
Chausson with rabbit and cepes
Sausage brioche

AndrOuet provided an excellent Camembert
Some red Chinon wine helped things down.

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