Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday 24 December 2011 - Christmas Eve, Opera Garnier

People on the rue de Levis were in a buying frenzy this morning in preparation for the holiday. There were line ups everywhere.
Lining up to buy oysters
At the fromageur the line up was part way across the street
An unwelcome sign as I dislike sauerkraut.
However, I went along rue Legendre and found it curiously quiet.
On rue Legendre the shopkeeper was having a hard time attracting people to buy his oysters and Sevres et Marne wine.
This afternoon we went to see the ballet Eugene Onegin at the Opera Garnier.  The opera house is stupendous - very highly ornamented and a pleasure to be in.  We had good seats on the third level but at the front of the balcony so we had a very good view.  The ballet was very good and the orchestra excellent.  The theatre was full and the audience very appreciative.  There was no standing ovation as is obligatory in Ottawa.

We walked back to the apartment and have a Christmas Eve meal of many interesting things accompanied by a bottle of champagne. We started with some baked goods - chaussons of rabbit and sweetbreads, also pastries with scallops and goat cheese.  Next came some duck foie gras with toast.  We then had a good strong Camembert, such as is impossible to obtain in Canada, and a great Roquefort.  For dessert we had macarons and a small buche.
Pate en croute of duck and figs

Macarons and a small buche.

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