Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wednesday July 4 - Travel Oslo to Ottawa

We found out that the NSB Airport service was a bus half way with a transfer to a train so we decided to take the SAS airport bus from the nearby bus station which was direct and cheaper.

Oslo airport was an utter disaster.  There was a problem with the check in system and even after we had obtained our boarding passes and baggage tags from the machine the automatic system wouldn't recognize the final destination so we had to go to a human to get rid of our bags.  Like everything else in Oslo all the parts are there but they system does not come together - Oslo is seriously broken.

We had allowed ourselves plenty of time and had no difficulty in making the flight to London.  I had anticipated problems in getting through London Heathrow even though we were in transit within the same terminal.  However, we were through all formalities within 15 minutes of leaving the plane, including walking.  This gave us plenty of time (almost 3 hours) in the duty free area where we could relax, eat, drink and buy things.  A cheese and Marmite panini from Starbucks was the culinary highlight while a bottle of Welsh whisky was a good find).

The Air Canada flight to Ottawa started boarding 45 minutes before departure and the flight was the usual relaxed AC transatlantic hop we have come to expect.

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This map shows our route.

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