Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wednesday 4 January - Return to Canada

We set out with plenty of time to get to Charles de Gaulle airport.  Metro line 2 was just running into the platform (the next one was 3 minutes behind) and we had an easy walk from La Chapelle to Gare du Nord platform 43 for the RER to the airport.  It was warm.  The airport train lost a couple of minutes waiting for the train ahead to make a station stop and get into the clear at Bondy.  At the airport station, the RER have improved the exits so that it is now much easier to get through them with airline baggage.

CDG was strangely quiet although still quite busy.  As we walked past four armed soldiers Mary said to me "After check in we'll go back there for a coffee."  One of the soldiers said to me, in a London accent, "I wouldn't mate, a cup of coffee costs 4 euros there."
I said back, "Thanks.  But you are not French are you?"

He replied, "No, and a bloody good job too."
I laughed and wished him a Happy New Year - first time I have ever talked to one of the armed soldiers as I like to get away from them as fast as possible.

At Air Canada we moved right to the front of the line because we had already checked in on the web.  The lounge that Air Canada now use is spacious and orderly.  My impression of CDG is much better now than previously.

The incoming plane was 30 minutes early because of the winds.  Of course this meant that we were delayed getting back into Toronto by headwinds.  However, the customs and baggage halls were quiet and we and our bags made our connection to Ottawa easily.

We arrived at Ottawa in a snow storm with the snow blowing horizontally.  What a difference Paris +14 - Ottawa -11.  The stewardess said to me as I left the plane "Drive safely." to which I replied, "Don't worry, I'm taking the bus."  There was a 97 waiting and we got home on schedule after a great trip.

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