Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday 3 January - Getting ready to go home

It was cloudy and blustery today.  I walked down to the gare St. Lazare to get a Transilien map.  The maps put out buy the RATP do not show all of the lines in the area, in particular the line to Versailles Droit and the second line to St. Germain-en-Laye.  According to the man in the information office the reason is that the RATP does not operate all lines.
Decoration on the school on rue de Rome

Entrance to Gare St. Lazare.
For our last meal in Paris we decided to eat at Le P'tit Canon at the bottom of the street.  The meal was first rate.  The chef has a very good touch and the service was excellent.  The waitress comes from near Sancerre in the Loire valley ( home of good wine and goat cheese she told us).  She speaks with a very pure Loire Valley accent which is said the be the most pure of the French language.  We had made a reservation and the greeted me with "Bon soir M. et Mme. Churcher," and she remembered by name thoughout.  Great sense of humor and a wicked smile.

We both started with the filet of herring which was pretty much a meal in itself what with all the boiled potatoes.  I then had the confit of canard, which turned out to be two confits, crisply fried potatoes and vegetable.  Mary had saute de veau in olives with fettuccini.  We had a bottle of Chinon - lots of character, full bodied, yet quite light and easy to drink.

The waitress brought us chocolate cups with liqueur as we were too full to eat dessert.

I explained we were returning to Canada tomorrow and said, "A la prochaine," and we parted with cheek kisses.

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